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VP Design Innovation & Inclusion

Lead diversity, equity, and inclusion brand standards, defining creative brand guidelines and best practices, ensuring content across brands and platforms maintaining DE&I at the epicenter of all efforts while championing the importance and value of building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture.

Translate passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion to spark innovation, positivity, problem-solving, and P&L growth, leading the organization through the development and implementation of strategic initiatives that drive cultural competency, build a climate of equity and belonging, and advocate for systemic change. Partner with People Operations teams to monitor D&I dashboard, leveraging research and data-driven insights to assess program and initiative impact.


  • Create innovative and disruptive product concepts to close consumer gaps, generating new opportunities for brand growth, coordinating cross-functional stakeholders, and ensuring authenticity throughout all project stages.

  • Lead a team of direct reports, working to align DE&I strategies with the company's overall platform and growth of the Hasbro brand, understanding how to create products through multicultural and multigenerational play.

  • Lead concept communications with Packaging, Engineering, Technical, and Design, fueling transformative outcomes, moving projects and initiatives forward, and building the relationships critical to capitalizing on insights and trends.

  • Cultivate a diverse and inclusive community through leadership of talent development programs, strategic action plans, culture and engagement activities, and a clear vision to inspire organizational change.

  • Lead strategic initiatives that drive cultural competency by building a climate of equity, inclusion, and belonging through the products designed and company initiatives.

  • Leveraging research and data-driven insights to assess programs and initiative impacts throughout the company.

  • Fueling transformative outcomes by moving projects and initiatives forward and capitalizing on insights and trends.

  • Advancing an understanding and strategies for creating products through multicultural and multigenerational play, by Leading Design, packaging, Engineering, and Technical and applying transformative outcomes.

VP of Global Design and Development

Recruited to lead world-class designers in the fast-paced toy design industry, focusing on delivering revolutionary product experiences around best-in-class brands and licensed partnerships, maximizing current technologies and trends, and overseeing every aspect of design from product conceptualization and design to creation.

Infused the organization and design teams with new insights, uncovering white space opportunities, and bringing an alternative mindset to the organization to expand ways of thinking. Drive the ideation and design of fashion and small dolls for the Disney account, cultivating strong connections with internal partners, and championing a deeper dive into market trend research, analysis, and action planning. Provide targeted leadership to 6 direct reports in Engineering, Branding, Design, and Packaging, tirelessly working to nurture an environment that embraces innovation and thought leadership.


  • Increased product diversity, working with a photography group to conceptualize new products that challenge legacy approaches, transform lines, and introduce consumers to products that are relevant, new, and inspirational.

  • Introduced a new product line focused on teaching children how to create sustainable play, rethinking the way products are designed to inform the branding and marketing process, and fueling industry advancements.

  • Create innovative, robust, user-oriented, and consumer-centric product experiences, collaborating with the U.S. marketing, research, and engineering teams to marshal projects from design, quality, and cost perspectives.

  • Infuse the global design and development team with the talent critical to the incubation of new ideas, earning respect for quickly building internal relationships, identifying ways to maximize talent, and nurturing creative excellence.

  • Identified a need for greater understanding of financials, outlining steps to increase performance transparency, enabling data-driven decision-making, setting the creative brand vision, and guiding global brand assets.

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